🐯Golden Tiger Year Fortune Feast is now on sale!

🐯金虎年, 覓食開運年菜大器登場!

🍽 16道年菜, 每道都是驚奇,讓你無論是除夕夜, 回娘家,覓食的開運年菜都讓你很有面子 ~
中央廚房當天現煮,覓食取貨,回家噴香上桌, 霸氣彭派~
👉 本周日(1/23)前預訂還享有95折~
1/31 , 2/1 覓食取貨

❤️ 好評加開取貨日:1/29, 1/30 !

MYST is here for your Lunar New Year’s eve dinner!
🍽Lunar New Year is celebrated in the early months of each year, people have many customs and traditions during this time of year~
One of the most important aspects is food, because a good meal always bring people closer together ~
Too busy to cook? Don’t worry! Myst has prepared a feast for you!
Choose from our 16 delicacies that will definitely satisfy your family and friends!

👉Make your order before January 23rd and get 5% off~

pick up date : 1/31 , 2/1..

❤️ Additional pick-up date: 1/29, 1/30

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