🐯Golden Tiger Year Fortune Feast is now on sale!

🐯金虎年, 覓食開運年菜大器登場! 16道年菜, 每道都是驚奇,讓你無論是除夕夜, 回娘家,覓食的開運年菜都讓你很有面子 ~中央廚房當天現煮,覓食取貨,回家噴香上桌, 霸氣彭派~享受珍貴難得的團聚時刻,看著彼此嘴角揚起的幸福笑容,使你我的心更加貼近,為全新的一年揭開美好的序幕! 本周日(1/23)前預訂還享有95折~ 1/31 , 2/1 覓食取貨 ❤️ 好評加開取貨日:1/29, 1/30 ! MYST is here for your Lunar New Year’s eve dinner! Lunar New Year is celebrated in the early months of each year, people have many customs and traditions during this time of year~ One of the most important aspects […]