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Taiwanese Fusion Cuisine.
To explore the new foodie world.

The dining space and accompanying lounge bar at MYST were very carefully designed to bring together the three key elements of contemporary décor, cutting edge style, and modern Asian cuisine. A Taiwanese restaurant located in the heart of Vancouver, the ambience at MYST communicates a feeling of urbanism and stylish luxury.

To complete the MYST experience for our Vancouver and Burnaby customers, our Asian fusion cuisine is artfully prepared to heighten each diner’s sensations. Our menu items are creative and accompanied by a wide selection of artisanal beverages and fancy cocktails on par with the fare served at some of the most elegant restaurants in the world.

MYST allows diners to enjoy the ultimate of luxury.


Recent News

Myst is always excited to share with you regarding our latest update, promotions and surprises!


🐯Golden Tiger Year Fortune Feast is now on sale!

🐯金虎年, 覓食開運年菜大器登場! 16道年菜, 每道都是驚奇,讓你無論是除夕夜, 回娘家,覓食的開運年菜都讓你很有面子 ~中央廚房當天現煮,覓食取貨,回家噴香上桌, 霸氣彭派~享受珍貴難得的團聚時刻,看著彼此嘴角揚起的幸福笑容,使你我的心更加貼近,為全新的一年揭開美好的序幕! 本周日(1/23)前預訂還享有95折~ 1/31 , 2/1 覓食取貨 ❤️ 好評加開取貨日:1/29, 1/30 ! MYST is here for your Lunar New Year’s eve

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2022 Lunar New Year’s Feast

覓食2022年開運年菜開賣啦!!!豐富多樣的各式年菜最適合與親朋好友圍爐一同享用~1/23前下單還可享有早鳥優惠!限量販售,千萬不要錯過囉! 2022 Luna New Year Feast is available now!Varies delicious New Year Feast is your best option for the gathering party on New Year’s Eve

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🤩Monthly Promotion – August

覓食8月優惠分享您拍的覓食餐點照片至任何一個社交平台 即可立馬享受堂食內用9折優惠(早餐除外)(Facebook,Instagram,Google Map,line,微信朋友圈,小紅書等,選一個社交平台發佈就可以啦~)無論是帖子,圖片,還是限時動態均可每桌只需一位客人把餐點隨手一拍,動動手指,一鍵發送後展示給我們的服務生看,覓食就可以幫您整桌打9折啦(ps:分單除外) 歡迎大家踴躍參與,美食在您們的鏡頭下顯得更加美味了,個個都是攝影大師 August Dine-in PromotionPost your Myst food photo to any social media to get 10% off for dine-in.(Not applicable to Breakfast)

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Monthly Special

August’s Special – 4 New Items!!

*新品上市*瑤柱蛋白北極帶子炒飯Stir-Fried Egg White Rice w/Arctic Scallops$30 *新品上市*麻辣臭豆腐大腸豬血火鍋(辣)Night Market Spicy Pork Blood and Pork Intestine Stinky Tofu Pot(Spicy)(S)小:$21 (L)大:$37 *新品上市*鮑魚冬菇扒豆苗Abalone Mushroom w/Pea Sprout$38 *新品上市*西安特色酸辣米線(辣,含花生)XiAn Special Hot

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