August’s Special – 4 New Items!!

*新品上市*瑤柱蛋白北極帶子炒飯Stir-Fried Egg White Rice w/Arctic Scallops$30 *新品上市*麻辣臭豆腐大腸豬血火鍋(辣)Night Market Spicy Pork Blood and Pork Intestine Stinky Tofu Pot(Spicy)(S)小:$21 (L)大:$37 *新品上市*鮑魚冬菇扒豆苗Abalone Mushroom w/Pea Sprout$38 *新品上市*西安特色酸辣米線(辣,含花生)XiAn Special Hot & Sour Rice Noodle/Thin Noodle/Sliced Noodle(Spicy,Peanut)$13.75

November’s Special – Thick Cut Moon Shrimp Cake

Thick-cut Moon Shrimp Cake is one of the most famous dishes in Taiwan. A Crispy pancake shell is stuffed with fresh shrimp and shrimp paste, which creates an excellent crispy and “Q”-texture. The cake is 1 cm thick so that you can taste the shrimp flavour with every dish. We hope this dish will bring […]